7 Natural Thermogenic Fat Burners for Weight Loss

Natural Thermogenic Oranges

As children, we don’t worry about our diets or our health but as adults we are always trying to find ways to lose weight and stay healthy.

Although many people might turn to diet pills and other thermogenic supplements, there are a few natural fat fighting foods that can boost your metabolism and burn stubborn belly fat.

Here are 7 all time favorite fat burning foods will help to lose weight while burning fat.

1. Eggs

At 78 calories, eggs are packed with fat burning protein. Studies have shown that if you consume just one egg per day you’ll eat at least 330 less calories per day on average.

2. Dark Chocolate

Many people will agree that chocolate is one of the best thermogenic foods to have on your team that helps to burn fat.

Coming in at 170 calories per credit card sized portion (approximately one ounce), 100% dark chocolate slows down your digestion and helps you to feel full longer.

It also contains a substance called cacao, which is a compound found in many over the counter fat burners because of its metabolism boosting effects.

3. Pine Nuts

Coming in at 95 calories just one quarter cup (approximately 84 nuts) boosts hormones that aid in making you feel full. They also contain important fatty acids that help to trim and tone your belly fast.

4. Goat or Feta Cheese

Goat or Feta cheese is just 76 calories per ounce. Again, they make you feel full longer and trick your body into eating less. This is definitely not the tastiest cheese in the world but when you are dieting, it will probably taste great!

5. Drink Your Milk

Skim milk contains only 86 calories per cup and will help to curb your appetite and contains calcium that helps to fight belly fat. Milk is much better than sugary juices and soft drinks which are loaded with calories and fat storing sugars.

6. Oranges

Oranges aren’t just loaded with vitamin C, they’re also good at burning off extra fat. At just 59 calories each, these fat busters are loaded with fiber which helps to keep you feeling full throughout the day.

7. Potatoes

Although potatoes get a bad reputation because of the high amount of starch they contain, they are really good for you. Loaded with potassium and at 161 calories each, they rank at the top of foods that help to keep you feeling full and preventing you from binging.

Of course you can’t survive on just these foods alone, but adding some of them in your diet every day will go far in helping you to curb your appetite and help you to shed the fat from your waist.

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